Independence with Privacy™

There’s a new way to stay independent as you get older

Independence with Privacy®

There’s a new way to stay independent as you get older

Most people want to stay in their own homes as they age. But that can worry loved ones. The Alice tablet is a smart sensor that helps families stay in sync by sharing changes in how and when a person is moving in their home and sending automatic text or e-mail alerts if there is a change in normal activity. Because Alice shares your normal daily activity, your loved ones can stay more involved, engaged, and connected.

How Alice by Atlas5D works

Simple set up

Plug the small Alice tablet into an outlet and connect it to your home’s wireless network. Then place on a shelf or table in the room used most often during the day. You’re done.


You can see Alice work just by looking at its screen. Family members (whom you choose) can also have access to this information on their smartphones. We don’t store or send any photos of you, and there are no devices to wear or forget.


You pay a one-time charge for the Alice Android tablet, plus a small monthly fee for alerts and automatic software updates. The software for any number of family members to stay connected with you is completely free.

Automatic Alerts

You can also easily set up alerts to contact family members with a text or e-mail  if there is a change in your normal activity patterns.

Learn more about how Atlas5D can help you continuing living independently while giving your friends and family the peace of mind in knowing you are OK.

When I couldn’t reach my friend by phone, it was an incredible relief to be able to go to Alice by Atlas5D and know that my friend was up and about in her home.


My son calls me every day, but anything could happen in-between. Alice by Atlas5D makes me feel safer and more secure, and I don’t have to wear any devices.


My friend Julie won’t use a cell phone. With Alice by Atlas5D, if I can’t reach her, I’m no longer as concerned that she may be in trouble.